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Foreign governments have a hard time understanding the USA education system since no US government agency such as a Ministry of Education awards licenses or approves an institution's right in America to award degrees. The US Department of Education does not do this and leaves it to the schools themselves to provide the measurement and standards for credibility, education quality and accreditation. No current laws exist at the national level to demand a university of any kind submit to any accreditation approval process, or education quality control measure.


The USA's Department of Education provides a list of approved non-governmental private organization of education accreditation that permits their sanctioned and accredited members to qualify for and receive US Government student loan resources. This group is monitored by the CHEA, Council of Higher Education Accreditation, another non-governmental organization. The USA Department of Education, through the CHEA, Council of Higher Education Accreditation, has many agencies of accreditation on its approved list. Any school not accredited by these approved bodies, or by an organization recognized by them, is considered unaccredited and usually discriminated in the USA as lacking the necessary education quality.


State government authorities are responsible for regulating postsecondary education within their jurisdictions through the initial approval of providers to offer postsecondary education services, oversight, and the enforcement of applicable state laws and regulations.


If you have concerns about a particular university being accepted by employers in your state in the USA or employers in your home country, we encourage you to do your homework before you enroll. Each state should provide information about institutions and programs approved to operate in their jurisdiction, and how they monitor education quality and accreditation.


State approval and accreditation are not the same. State approval to operate signifies that institutions have satisfied certain requirements established by a state. Accreditation signifies that an institution has attained a threshold level of academic and education quality. In most states, approval to operate does not require accreditation. Use all available resources, including checking with the particular institution and its accrediting organization, to determine if a particular institution meets anticipated needs.


EROD Directory of State Higher Education Agencies provides contact information and links to the various state higher education commissions, whose websites contain extensive resources about policies and other matters, plus directories of approved institutions.



The EQAC Accreditation for Colleges & Universities

The Education Quality Accreditation Commission is ready and willing to assist in providing accreditation to any college or university willing to expend the effort to prepare a Self Study Report. Accreditation is a competitive issue among US based colleges and universities to ensure education quality. Once outside the boarders of the USA, American accreditation is taken as no better / no worse than any other accrediting standards for higher education quality. What institutions of higher learning should be considering is not adding more local accreditations in their home nation, but a truly international accreditation standard that may serve in the global market arenaSee more...


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